Large Format Printing

Posters, Plans, Banners, Project Renderings, Blueprints & More!

We can print your large documents in full color or black and white.

The next time you need large format prints, use Accu-Copy to print your large -scale documents with our high-speed, full-color printers.

Our printers are configured to meet your organization’s printing requirements; no matter what size document you need to print. Accu-Copy will get your projects printed, packaged and delivered accurately and on time whether in color or black and white.  With our wide format printing equipment we can offer speed and efficiency in producing your large format digital print jobs such as

  • residential construction projects
  • commercial construction projects
  • government planning
  • court exhibits
  • project renderings
  • CAD prints
  • banners
  • posters
  • tradeshow backdrops
  • maps
  • store displays
  • blueprints

Black and White Large Format Printing

Large format Printing example
Accu-Copy can handle large format printing projects such as plans, exhibits and posters.

Accu-Copy supports the following File Types: PDF, TIF, DWF, and Plot Files. Other formats such as DWG, JPG and PS Files can be printed but some limitation apply. Digital Files can be submitted electronically via e-mail or our online uploader, or by CD or Flash Drive..

Print Reproduction Services

  • High speed reproduction
  • Large volume reprints
  • Reduction/enlargement capabilities
  • 36″ output by any length
  • Stamping
  • Convert blueprints/negatives to positive prints
  • Delivery service
  • Quick turnaround

We can print your large format print on a variety of materials including:

  • 20lb Bond
  • Presentation Bond
  • Vellum
  • 4mil Mylar or Film

Large Format Printing in Color

Bring your projects to life with large color format color at Accu-Copy. Our inkjet printers will print sharp, clean and brilliant color images on materials that will make your project stand out.

Print Reproduction Services

  • 42″ output by any length
  • Reduction/enlargement capabilities
  • Wide variety of media
  • Volume reprints
  • Delivery service
  • Quick turnaround

Additional Services for Large Format Printing

In addition to printing services your project may benefit or require from our related services to add even more polish to your materials.. While these process have been developed for tradeshow exhibits or business presentations they could easily be used for more personal events such as celebrations, fundraisers, school projects, and family events.  These services include:

  • foam mounting
  • lamination finishes

If you do not see a file format or addtional service that you require, please contact Accu-Copy for more information.

Projects Specifications

In addition to large format printing, Accu-Copy can support your projects with our specification services which handles complete sets of the specifications created for private, public, or government-related projects.  Accu-Copy can work with you to create specification sets that include all the information need to describe complex jobs.  Specification sets often include things such as:

  • Bid announcement/advertisement
  • blueprints, plans, or cad drawings
  • Specification Manual
  • Scope of Work

Do you need to share your documents?  Consider using our Plan Room  service which provides access to download and print these documents by prospective contractors and bidding agencies.

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