Presentations and Manuals

Accu-copy custom prints & binds copies critical business presentations and manuals.

  • Are you looking for printed copies of your business instructions and procedures?
  • Do you required printed versions of regulatory information?
Accu-Copy offers fast service and a variety of printing options for reports, presentations and manuals.

Hard copy versions of your company’s materials are a great way to share mission-critical information about:

  • products
  • services
  • company
  • regulatory and legal information
  • warranty
  • instructional

Many businesses and organizations rely on printed versions of presentation or manuals in addition to digital information.  Accu-Copy offers a wide variety of paper and card stock choices of different weights and finishes to ensure that your printed materials properly reflect your company and your budget.  We offer:

  • a variety of binding options such as edge striping, stapling, spiral, or comb
  • cover options in different stocks, colors and finishes
  • printing in black and white or color

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  • Not sure what your project should use for materials and processes?  We will be happy to work with you to make your your finished project properly reflects your organization budget.
  • Don’t forget to bring your design in or upload your digital file.
  • While we prefer PDFs, we also accept include: DOCX, PPS, and XLS.  If a non-standard font is used, the font file (TTF) must be included.
  • We can also keep your marketing piece files on record and print them on demand.

To simplify your life we offer a high-quality finished product and quick turn-around.  Since we are a local print shop, delivery service is also available.


Presentations or seminars often make sure that printed versions of a presentation’s outline, slides or other related materials are available for the following reasons:

  • attendees can actively participate or follow the speaker by taking notes, filling out questionnaires, or completing worksheets
  • materials can be easily shared with audience members who cannot attend
  • as a backup of material in case of technology hiccups

Printed copies of presentations and related materials are still quite common for

  • services and products
  • new procedures
  • training
  • sales presentations
  • annual or quarterly corporate meetings


In spite of the rise of digital copies, printed versions of manuals are often required or simply preferred.  Manuals that cover personnel issues or vital pieces of equipment often need to be available in printed form, for example:

  • human resources and employee manuals.
  • safety information
  • training manuals
  • product manuals

Do you have manual printing needs not suited to your home or office printing capabilities?  Examples of this type of manual printing project include:

  • long, multi-paged manuals
  • multiple copies
  • manuals that need to be bound or covered for durability

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